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Only the best of the best are listed here, these are our members who have contributed the most new domain names to our database.

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On the first of each month the entire domain database is re-validated (to ensure all domains still exist) via our DNS pipeline. The list of still-existing domain names is then published in its entirety for free for anyone to download and use.

Download Latest Domain Dump (~252 Million Domains)

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Note: This is a prefix-search only (due to database limitations), so you can search for example which will match exampledomain.com, example.net, etc.

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The Internet's crowdsourced domain database.

Help us map all of the Internet's domains! Earn points for submitting domains that we don't have in our database yet and compete against other users. All submitted data is open for anyone to search and use - the way it should be.

TheInternetBackup is a community-contributed domain name database with a goal of making the largest public domain database.

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Important: For more information about formatting and how the domain-validation process works for submissions please see the "What format should I upload the domains in?" section of our FAQ page.

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About & FAQ

What is this project?

This project's purpose is to build and maintain a list of every Internet domain name. This is done by processing user-submitted lists of domains and validating which domains exist. The process is handled by our domain-validation pipeline which uses DNS to check the existence or non-existence of a domain. If the domain exists and is not already in our database we add it to our database which is published in its entirety once a month. For users that are authenticated, every domain they submit which was not previously in the database will give them one point. These points are used to rank our top contributors, the list of which can be found here.

Why should a list of all domain names be public?

Domain names are the core of how we access most of the Internet. Despite the data being so important, it is often left extremely restricted by the countries or entities that own and manage the data. Worse yet, many of the countries that restrict the data also have unreliable infrastructure for hosting the domain names themselves. If a TLD or suffix suddenly bites the dust, then nobody can resolve any of the domain names belonging to it because nobody else has a list of all of the domains. If the domains were public however, it would be completely possible for us to re-host and fix resolution for these domains, allowing users to still access these sites & services. Down the road, this service may provide a resillient DNS recursive resolver which will allow users to resolve domains under TLD & suffixes that have gone down or become censored.

In addition, there are a variety of other important uses for this data:

Regardless of the specific use-case, the core belief of this site is that the Internet's domain names belong to the people and should be widely available to anyone who wants access to them.

*Of special note are the .se and .nu TLDs, which allow anyone to get a copy of all of their domains. We hope to see more TLDs adopt this in the future, so hats off to the Swedish Internet Foundation for being ahead of the curve!

Who runs this site?

This site is a hobby project of @IAmMandatory, feel free to ping me with any issues. My email is mandatory(@)gmail.com

Is there any reward for contributing new domains?

If you submit 10 million new domains you get a TheInternetBackup pencil topper®! Just kidding, only worthless Internet points (this site doesn't make any money and is run as a side-hobby project). More seriously, if you submit a bunch of domains send me an email and I can send you a t-shirt or something :).

What format should I upload the domains in?

The format is simply a new-line delimited file (up to 25 MB in size, compression is not currently supported) with each line containing one domain. If you're submitting IDN domains (for example, 屋企.香港) please punycode them before submitting (e.g. xn--hoqu73a.xn--j6w193g).

The following is an example of the format:

Note that all uploaded domains are automatically parsed and checked to ensure they have a valid public suffix. Sub-domains are automatically converted to base domains and duplicates are removed.

IMPORTANT: In order to efficiently utilize our domain-validation pipeline, all large uploaded domain lists undergo a preliminary check before being fully processed. This involves taking a random sample of domains from your uploaded list and checking them to see if they exist. If a large amount of the domains do not exist when checking the preliminary sample then the domain list will be rejected. If the list was submitted while logged in, you will be able to view your submission status under the View Your Submissions page. If you're uploading a large amount of domains that all exist then you won't encounter any issues, this is mainly to prevent users from uploading fake lists to our service to waste resources. If you're uploading a legitimate list of domains and getting a rejection status message for your submission, please contact me at mandatory(@)gmail.com.

How can I automate uploading new domains?

For a CLI tool to automate uploading new domain lists, see the theinternetbackup-cli tool. This site has API keys which can generated for authenticating as your user account, generate one on the Account page.

Where do the domains come from?

The domains can come from a variety of sources, accidental zone leaks, extractions from logs, etc. It's important to note that this site doesn't collect/scrape/dump the domains from anywhere, it just validates and stores submissions by users.

Where can I find new domains to upload?

A variety of sources! You can write tooling to pull domains from your DNS/network logs, or upload any public lists you find. This part is completely up to the community, although this site may provide tooling in the future to help with this effort.

Do I have to remove domains already listed on this site from my list before uploading?

No. Our domain-validation pipeline automatically removes any already-indexed domains from your submission. You will not receive points for domains this site already has in the database, but you will receive points for domains that we don't.

Can I submit domains anonymously?

Yes. No account is required, click here to submit some domains. If you'd like extra protection when submitting domains, I recommend using the Tor Browser.

IMPORTANT: Please use common-sense and respect the laws and regulations governing your particular country of origin when deciding whether or not to contribute a list of domains.

How accurate is the domain checking process?

The domain validation process uses DNS to check if a domain exists or not. This is notably inherently not 100% accurate. However, source of truth for domains is very tricky and doing DNS queries for validation is the only scalable method that works across all TLDs and suffixes in a somewhat reasonable way. If you submit domains and don't get points for it, I appologize. If you notice a large number of domains you did not get points for, please let me know.

What suffixes are supported?

All suffixes in the public suffix list are supported. We reserve the right to blacklist specific suffixes if abused for point gain.